Since 2015 we have attended Davos events on Promenade and in Secured Hotels during the Annual Meeting. We have worked as a concierge with governments’ delegations, corporations and start-up teams, celebrities and individuals who came to Davos for the first time. 

How we work:

  1. Getting to know you and your business goals
  2. Determining your needs and agreeing on your goals for the Davos Conference Week
  3. Work closely together to help you achieve your business goals in Davos

We are more than an ordinary concierge service. We know Davos inside out. Our team has been coming to Davos since 2015 and working with the local community and the Forum for many years. We provide you with the custom-made services adapted to your business, lifestyle and passions.

To help you save time & get access to elite events that money can’t buy, our Davos VIP concierge is your perfect companion. It’s your secret weapon to unlock the world of exclusive experiences and meetings with the masters of the world

You are a part of Davos now – it is a sign you made it and are recognized by the experts in your field.

Not everyone needs a VIP concierge. Some people like to manage every aspect of their lives themselves. But if you’re too busy to pick from over 100 events happening in Davos at the same time, it is your first or second time at the Conference and you want to outsource all the unknown to professionals, it makes sense to hire your personal Davos Expert.

These are 5 reasons for you to choose our VIP concierge service:

  1. ​To save time with registrations to events and arranging your meetings
  2. To have a professional who helps you achieve your business goals in Davos
  3. To get in touch with Davos Conference Week attendees
  4. To set up your business meetings in advance
  5. To get rare access to the exclusive events with Fortune 500 Executives and governments officials

Our Davos VIP Concierge service includes:

  • Guidance on how to achieve your goals in Davos during the Annual Meeting
  • Registrations to events and assistance with Secured Hotels access
  • Arranging your meetings in Davos (how to get in touch with people you need to meet)
  • Taking you “by hand” to select events and introducing to right people on the ground
  • Arranging your leisure activities such as skiing or sightseeing
  • Providing you with pick-up and drop-off services, personal chauffeurs

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