The COVID-19 outbreak has created a lot of uncertainty about the future of important events that will happen next year. Will the Davos Conference Week take place? There are many questions that are coming up about it. After a long wait we seem to have an answer. In the following article by Forbes, written by Carlie Porterfield, she explains what is the future of the Forum next January: “the Annual event will have a virtual component that the Forum says can connect anyone to the talks at Davos.” 

These are the key factors of the “new” Annual Meeting:

  • Next year’s Davos gathering will be more inclusive through what the Forum calls “Twin Summits,” with the traditional in-person gathering at a Swiss ski resort to be supplemented by a virtual online convention.
  • The Forum will set up a virtual network of 420 hubs scattered throughout the world specifically to engage young people, according to the official article.
  • Those hubs will have an open house policy and will allow anyone who is interested to access the Meeting to share their input, although it wasn’t immediately clear which talks will be made public and if any will remain closed.
  • In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, protests around the world in response to George Floyd’s death and climate change concerns, next year’s theme will be “The Great Reset“. It will examine how capitalism can help fix society’s inequalities.
  • The Forum also named the global health crisis created by the Covid-19 virus and “the evils of racism and discrimination,” as issues to be addressed.

As we can see, some topics of the meeting will be focused on climate change again and the inequality system in America that started a revolution because of George Floyd death in early June.