What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Davos? I can guess, maybe you were thinking of skiing, drinking a cup of hot chocolate in front of a cozy fireplace, or if you are a business person, then you are thinking about the annual forum that occurs every year in this beautiful yet tiny city of Switzerland. Also, there are plenty of things to do during summer too, but you know there is more than only skiing and conferences in Davos. In this post, you will find 5 fun things you can do in Davos that you never thought about before.


A railway zips up and down the slope from Davos to this green, car-free recreation area on the slopes to the west of the town. The railway dates to 1899, at the same time an Art Nouveau sanatorium was established up here and became a hotel in 1954. Up to one of many walking trails tourists can go on Schatzalp, is the Alpinum, a botanical garden open in summer and growing over 3,500 varieties of Alpine plants, as well as upland species from as far afield as Tibet and New Zealand. The beautiful scenery and pictures you can take there, can you imagine it? Get in touch with nature in its closet way possible.

Vaillant Arena

If you are a big fan of sports, then this is for you. Between September and February, you have to get a ticket for a hockey match in Davos. Firstly, Vaillant Arena is the biggest ice rink in Europe and you’ll understand when you take your seat. The architecture is different from other ice rinks, for example, the roof is supported from each corner by cathedral-like wooden vaults in one of the most incredible venues to watch a sporting event. The local team is HC Davos, which plays in the Swiss National League and last lifted to NL Championships in 2015. The club is well-known in hockey circles for staging the Spengler Cup, which is the oldest invitational ice hockey tournament in the world. This goes back to 1923 and takes place around Christmas, so book early to see some of the best players in the world on the ice.

Lake Davos

At the northeastern limit of the town is Lake Davos, far away from the downtown and conference center, and bordered by steep pasture and forest. There’s a lot of things you can do there during the summer. For example, watersports, light hikes around the shore and to bathe in the water. You can hire pedals, paddleboards, and kayaks, and because the lake catches the prevailing breezes there are also wind activities like windsurfing and sailing.
Near the lake are a couple of restaurants by the water, and a tip from the locals; don’t forget to bring something for the tame squirrels to snack on as they’ll accost you in the wooded areas!

Adventure Park Davos Färich

A perfect activity for the whole family and to let fears behind. Set below the Flüela Pass, is an adventure park in which you’ll gear up with harnesses and helmets and climb over five different courses in the forest canopy. Hauling yourself over ladders, rope nets, swinging bridges and treetop climbing walls is of course fantastic exercise, but it’s also good for team building as you tackle the courses in a group and have to belay on each other. There’s a course for kids as well, and if you have any hesitations this course is closely supervised and uses a failsafe “fallback” system to ensure children’s safety.

BierVision Monstein

For all the beers fans out there, this activity is right for you, A 15-minute bus ride or drive up the winding mountain road southwest of Davos will lead to Monstein, home of the highest brewery in Europe. BierVision is open for tours on Fridays, you will get an in-depth explanation of the brewing process, and see the brewing vats and fermentation up close. This is done by a guided walk around the village, where you’ll meet locals and get to know the way of life up here. BierVision produces five beer varieties, from dark beer to Weissbier, which you can taste in the cozy Gambrinus Bar in the basement. There is also a gift shop in where can buy chocolate special Switzerland treats like chocolate and cheese made in Monstein, as well as a bottle of the brewery’s own whiskey, also distilled on-site.