As we know, the Annual Meeting is an International Organization for public and private cooperation. The forum engages political, business and cultural leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry issues. 

Even though this great event occurs at the beginning of every year, the Annual Meeting continues throughout the year. It organizes events that are insightful and compelling for the public. These are online events and free of charge because of the global spread of COVID-19. Below are some examples of global events that occured after this year’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Virtual Industry Strategy Meeting

25-26 March, 2020


This program was designed to be relevant, providing highly useful content on the current state of the industry and the global consequences of the coronavirus outbreak. Digital sessions allowed participants to explore how industries can shift from managing disruption to pioneering new stakeholder capitalism models and identify critical combinations in where sectors can work together for economic and societal benefit.  Some 250 industry strategy officers participated virtually on the Forum’s digital platform under the theme, Stakeholder Capitalism in Disruptive Times.

Virtual China Business Roundtable Spring

30 March-3 April, 2020


Participants received a high-level brief from top-level Chinese and international scholars. They had the opportunity to hear insights on the global pandemic situation and its impact on the economy from policymakers and international organizations. Together through online networking and discussion, the speakers developed and discussed new solutions and best practices for dealing with the current crisis and looking ahead to help change the global economy. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, participants found inspiration and new ideas for structural transformation and technological innovation, which will help them build more durable and more resilient organizations in the ongoing future.

Virtual Ocean Dialogues 

01-05 June, 2020 

The Virtual Ocean Dialogues’ purpose was to connect communities that seek innovation and take bold action for a healthy, resilient, thriving ocean. The Economic Forum and Friends of Ocean Action, a group of 58 global leaders fast-tracking scalable solutions to the most pressing challenges facing the ocean, curated the Virtual Ocean Dialogues to convene leaders and communities online from across the worldwide ocean space. Designed in collaboration with a range of other partners, the Virtual Ocean Dialogues will maintain momentum in the face of COVID-19 to continue working for ambitious and urgent global action for a healthy ocean.

Future Events

Trade Multi stakeholder Conversation

08-8 July, 2020