Dear friends, greetings from Davos Apartments team! 

This newspage is here to keep you updated not only on news about the Davos Conference Week, its Events and Accommodation, but also on the key events and highlights happening in the whole World.

We will show you some of exclusive accommodations and event venues in Davos and can assist you in booking those places.

Coming to the Davos Conference Week is one of the most favorite events for everyone who has had a chance to visit it. This is a perfect place not just to attend the main economic forum and largest tech events but to meet influential people, make potential partnerships and interesting friends networking at the parties and events. 

And those who have been to Davos more than once already have some place where they love to stay each time and feel comfortable as home. For someone it’s a cozy chalet on top close to the ski lifts, for others it’s a secured hotel as Belvedere, Intercontinental, Seehof etc or modern apartment on Promenade. 

Choosing a place to stay in Davos during the Conference Week it is reasonable to consider any kinds of accommodation as hotels, apartments, chalets and just single beds depending on your budget for the trip.

This time we would like to tell you about the tower penthouse in the Hotel Seehof not everyone knows about.

Each attendee of the Davos Conference Week is closely familiar with the Seehof hotel as it is famous not only for its luxurious suites but also for event venues. 

Staying at the Seehof gives you many benefits such as proximity to the Parsenn ski lift and the Congress Centre, famous restaurants and of course amenities available for its guests. 

The hotel always hosts famous guests and there is a high chance to meet a celebrity walking down the hall. 

Some of the guests who stayed and hosted events at the Seehof: 

  • Bill Clinton
  • Bill Gates
  • Angela Merkel
  • Ban Ki-moon
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Richard Gere
  • Ivanka Trump 

The shining highlight of the Seehof is its exquisite 3 bedroom Tower Penthouse and its incomparable views.  The penthouse was built to provide only the best of the best services, for the most demanding guests.

Staying at the penthouse you may enjoy jacuzzi, sauna, fireplace and a large terrace with a terrific view on Davos. All the amenities on the territory of the Seehof are available for our guests. 


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