Cocktail Reception

Bring together 50 – 100 participants around a cocktail event with lightning talks from world leaders to promote your brand to customers, investors, and partners.

Exclusive Dinner

Organize an exclusive dinner with three courses and exquisite wine from a premium restaurant in Davos.
We provide dinner opportunities for 2 hours, for up to 30 guests, with prime location and time at secured hotels or around Promenade.

Beyond Usual

Go beyond mainstream events and get on the slopes with Olympic Snowboarders or throw a party with Celebrity Artists & Silicon Valley investors.  

Brand Store​

Celebrate your brand with a pop-up store right in the center of the buzzing Promenade where it is center to the attention of CEOs, investors, journalists, and heads of states.​ Showcase your products, conduct meetings, host a panel session.​ Our team is collaborating with leading design and marketing agencies to turn the store space into a space where your brand can be experienced in a unique way.

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