As far as we know, Davos is a famous vacation spot to go with the family thanks to its diverse activities like going to a ski resort or to go to a hike in the beautiful Klosters outside the downtown. Also, it is the place where hundreds of political and business leaders meet up every year for the annual forum to discuss important topics that impact society. All that takes place in this little but important city in Europe. So, imagine every year the town is full of tourist and business leaders walking around Davos. Can you imagine how locals live during this season? In this post, you would dive into how is to be a local in this beautiful and famous town.

Prices increases

During this high season in Davos, the prices highly increase in many aspects. For example, if a local wanted to go to their favorite restaurant and order their normal meal that cost CH 15.00, during this time that meal will increase to CH 25.00. You can clearly see how the rule of supply and demand works in this market.

Big companies rent local stores to host meetings and events thought the week of the annual forum.

According to the BBC News , hundreds of stores are taken over by big international firms like Facebook, Accenture, and HSBC for the week and turned into branded outposts, while local landlords are said to get paid handsome fees.

Is a great weekend for luxury shops

The BBC News explains that the renting out of stores is a big boost for the local economy, which depends heavily on tourism. And the bigger the premises – and closer it is to the main conference center – the more big business will pay to use it as it seeks to maximize its publicity. The manager of a luxury watch shop, as the wealthy delegates tend to like buying high-end goods.

Winter sports are a great deal for locals

Davos has the biggest ice rink of all Europe and going and ice hockey games are one of the favorite activities for locals. According to Business Insider the local hockey team, HC Davos, is one of the most successful clubs in Switzerland. It won the Swiss league 30 times, last in 2011. Also, there are around 104 winter sports for outdoor enthusiasts.